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Soup kitchen for veterans

Dear editor, Military/RCMP veterans hope all politicians had an enjoyable Christmas dinner. Regrettably another year has passed and they forgot to take action on the following veterans issues:

— Veterans called for a formal public inquiry into the office of Veterans Affairs to address the unacceptable behaviour and towards the mismanagement of veterans’ claims and personnel files;  

— To terminate the disability lump-sum payment that will cause serious financial hardship to many veterans and their families; and  

— To eliminate the unfair/unjust CPP (Canada Pension Plan) benefits reduction program affecting retired and disabled military/RCMP veterans at age 65 or sooner if they become disabled. They have fully paid for and earned their annuity.

The Government of Canada depleted its annuity account of over 20 billion dollars to pay down the national debt. The Prime Minister derailed the democratic journey of MP Peter Stoffer’s Bill C-201. On May 5 for the fourth time, Conservatives MPs were directed to vote against Bill C-201. The Bill count was successful and the final vote recorded was 149 yeas and 134 nays. The speaker of the House declared that Bill C-201 was carried, but he also discharged it from the Parliamentary agenda, because the Prime Minister of Canada refused to request a Royal recommendation. Bill C-201 therefore died on the order table. Democracy no longer exits in the House of Commons.

While Christmas dinners were enjoyed, we must always remember that a number of veterans got theirs from a soup kitchen. They are the same veterans who place their lives in your hands to ensure a free and democratic country. When will the government treat our veterans with dignity.


Veteran John Labelle

Lower Sackville, N.S.


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