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Street naming called into question


Dear Editor:

Last week at the GFW council meeting it was announced that the town would be naming a street in name of deceased councillor Roger Barnett. Naming a street in one’s honour isn’t done just because one was a member of council. Over the years there have been many families who came to this town to work raise their families but most of all help this town to grow. In the past I have given names to our council of families that made a great contribution to our town and yet, a street hasn’t been named in their honor. The greatest ones who lived in our town our vets have been over looked, two names that come to my mind that where decorated for bravery by a foreign country France ( Peter Sampsom WW1 and Pius Jesseau WW2) Croix de Guerre.

In the former town of Windsor families that where the movers and shakers of the town names like Cohen, Riff, Stewart, Chow, Flight and Connors we see no names in their honor. The businessess that they started are still triving except for Stewart. One name in the former town of Grand Falls, in which not only the town but central and south NL owes honor to is Tom Pitcher a former councillor who was responsible for getting our hospital built. In 2005 when the town celebrated its one hundred anniversary, the first legend that the musical started with was my grandfather Louis John but he has no name on a street only a hill that was done mostly by the native band council. I have asked council in the past to replace these signs that are now broken or deteriorating but yet, nothing has been done.

If I was a family member of the former businessess of Windsor and for what they have and are still doing for the town I would be giving the mayor and councillors a piece of my mind. The question I would ask. When is my family going to be recognized or do we have to get someone on council first. To the former business families of the town of Windsor it is time for you people to speak your mind.

Dave Barker


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