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The forest and the trees

Dear editor, Recently, there was a day set aside for remembering those who have been killed or hurt on our highways, especially by moose.

I can't help but wonder why the governments of Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador haven't cut back the tree line going through Terra Nova National Park. I drive through there quite often and it disgusts me every time.

I don't see the beauty of the trees and brush almost to the shoulder of the road but instead the potential for a disaster because those large animals are only metres away, hidden by brush. Ninety-nine per cent of traffic going through that park is destined elsewhere, so who gives a hoot about a few trees?

I admire and appreciate the great effort by our provincial government cutting back the brush and trees on many of our main and secondary thoroughfares.

What I don't understand is why our federal government with unlimited financial resources (or so it seems) doesn't see the logic in following suit. The feds should even consider a divided highway or at least many more than one or two passing lanes when it is obvious that the greatest hindrance to the Trans-Canada Highway in Newfoundland is passing through that abominable park and all its hidden glory behind all those trees and brush.

 Doug Edison


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