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The show deserves praise - reader

Are non-negative letters allowed?

I’d like to accentuate an extreme positive; the Salmon Fest - amazing!!

Congrats to the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor, you ran a tight ship.  It was, to my mind, well organized and ticked like a Swiss watch - clean, neat and incredibly friendly.

I saw the Scouts and/or Guides out patrolling the alcohol free zone for not only bottles but garbage, too.

I toured the “beer side” and saw even tipsy folks going to the trouble of using the trash cans.

I can’t believe how careful and courteous the crowd was - a huge change in the demographics. I personally have been ankle deep in garbage before, but this year the people, like the bands, appeared like they actually cared and wanted to be there.

Talk about turning things around! Mr. Mayor, councilors and all working and involved, you stuck the full 8, you hit a home run, you scored a touchdown!

The old common sense adage of “It’s not the size, of your office, but the size of the paycheck that counts” seems to be applied by the leadership of this town. Sometimes less is more and you read the play like pros.

Good on you, awful proud to see it and by the way damn fine show!!


Glen M. Bradley

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