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AAA hockey profile: Noah Walsh of Baie Verte

Noah Walsh of Baie Verte
Noah Walsh of Baie Verte - Submitted

BAIE VERTE, NL — Noah Walsh of Baie Verte admits he wasn’t quite into the sport when he first started playing hockey at the age of four, but it turned into an obsession after those first half dozen or so practices.

Now 13 years old, the former Baie Verte Sabres forward is playing on the Central IcePak AAA Bantam team. After two seasons on the peewee team, he was ready to make an impact at the bantam level.

Noah has played in three out-of-province tournaments with Impact Hockey and added the IceJam to the list this past week in Halifax with the IcePak Team. They had great competition, and it was an excellent experience for all players, he says.

This year has brought new challenges for Noah with the addition of checking. He says he loves playing in this league because of that challenge, saying it gives him a faster-paced hockey game.

Noah has made many new friends along his journey, friends he says he will have for life. 

For his future goals, he takes each day as it comes and hopes to continue in the league for many years. 
He also hopes it will give him an opportunity to play at some higher level in the future.

For now, he’s very dedicated, and says he wouldn’t give the game up for anything.
A long ways to grow since that little four-year-old took to the ice.

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