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Combines score two wins on home ice, leading to a potential championship

Combines take Braves to task

TWILLINGATE, NL – The Twillingate-New World Island Combines earned a double win at Saturday’s and Sunday’s games against the Springdale Braves.

The teams are now closing in on the final games for the championship trophy in the Central Newfoundland Intermediate Hockey League. If the Combines win the upcoming March 10 game in Springdale, it will be their championship victory.

The Braves captain Trenton Johanson says the team is going to utilize the hometown advantage and ensure they keep the Combines away from victory in the next game.

“It’ll be a do-or-die game,” said Johanson. “So we’ll be ready for it.”

In the Saturday, March 3 game at Twillingate’s George Hawkins Memorial Arena, the Combines scored three goals in the opening period. The Braves came back with a goal in the second period, and the game ended 4-1 for the Combines.

Sunday’s game saw a similar result with one goal for the Combines in the first period, two goals in the second and one more in the third period. The Braves scored one goal in the third period ending the game once again at 4-1 for the Combines.

It was an intense two games with several fights breaking out at Saturday night’s play-off.

Combines team captain Christian Greenham says the team has been on a roll since Christmas and is now hoping for the big win next Saturday in Springdale.

“Hopefully we play there with that same mindset and bring the trophy back home where it belongs,” said Greenham.

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