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Hockey NL rescinds Western Kings move to Deer Lake

Western Kings.
Western Kings.

It appears the Western Kings are not moving to Deer Lake after all. At least, not yet.

This is after a release from Hockey NL indicating the decision move the team from it’s longtime home in Corner Brook to Deer Lake had been rescinded and the Kings are back on the block.
The decision was made by Hockey NL’s minor council after discussions with the Newfoundland and Labrador Major Midget Hockey League (NLMMHL) executive determined there were inconsistency’s in the league’s by-laws in regards to voting on franchise bids.
The release indicates since the league’s constitution was brought in for the 2010-2011 season, this is the first time the by-laws have been tested.
When news of the move broke last week, it sparked plenty of discussion amongst hockey pundits around the province.
There were plenty of questions about the process, while others were excited to see high-level hockey in their hometown.
The four bids on the franchise now get a second chance although there are reports at least one of the bids has since withdrawn.

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The second chance will come at the provincial major midget circuit’s AGM scheduled for June 9.
That’s when the teams and executive will review the selection process.


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