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Corner Brook’s Georgia Wiseman loves to meet new friends through sports

Georgia Wiseman is in her element when she’s active in the local sports community.
Georgia Wiseman is in her element when she’s active in the local sports community. - Dave Kearsey

There is a weekly schedule of activities posted on a bulletin board in the dining room of the home of Glen and Brooke Wiseman on Corner Brook’s west side.

It includes the planning of what’s to come for the next week in the busy lives of their three athletes.

They love to try everything they get their hands on and the bulletin board is a reflection of that hectic schedule.

Georgia Wiseman, at 10 years old, is the middle child. Joe, at 12, is her older brother, and Lindsay,7, is the youngest sibling.

Georgia is someone who excels in social situations.

She is always game for picking up a new sport. Her list of sports she enjoys for fun and friendship include soccer, baseball, cross-country skiing, biathlon and cross-country running.

She recently padded her resume this season with volleyball. She received her first taste of the sport from participation in a six-week mini-Warriors volleyball program offered by Corner Brook high performance volleyball coach Nathan Wareham.

Armed with an infectious smile, Georgia loves being on the field of play regardless of what sport is on the go. She keeps herself organized by getting everything ready the night before and she seldom falls off her schedule.

Having plenty on her plate is the way she likes it and she doesn’t mind telling anybody why.

“If I chose one thing you’d get bored and you wouldn’t be able to try new things, and there might be a whole bunch of other things, and if you stick with one thing and get so competitive you may not have time for others,” Georgia said.

Coach Wareham is a supporter of athletes who like to pursue a number of sports at an early age.

With that in mind, he was happy to see Georgia find her way to the volleyball court.

Athletes who tackle a busy sports schedule in a number of discipline reap the benefits of learning different life skills such as teamwork and leadership, and Wareham believes they have an edge when it comes to building strength and stamina.

The key to making it all work, though, is ensuring an athlete doesn’t overextend themselves and fall victim to burnout, according to Wareham.

Proper nutrition, hydration and proper rest are all things he says athletes have to keep in line if they want to get the most out of the sport and not put themselves in a position to hurt themselves.

Georgia has a lot of friends she met through sports. It is an avenue for her to grow and develop not only as an athlete, but as a person.

It’s precious time spent for the petite C.C. Loughlin student, but she also knows it can be taken away from her. Her parents support her in all endeavours, but she knows family and academics always comes first, so she has to maintain a good balance in her life so nothing suffers.

“Homework and chores have to be done before you go have fun,” Georgia said.

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