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Labrador City Tae Kwon Do celebrates 10 years

Students in attendance at the anniversary tournament.
Students in attendance at the anniversary tournament. - Gary Shaw

The Labrador City Tae Kwon Do organization has recently celebrated its 10th year with a tournament held in the gym of the Menihek High School.

The tournament is the first of its kind to be held in Labrador City and is a celebration of the sport itself and the success that has been achieved during the past 10 years by the local organization.

This group is a non-profit organization that is facilitated locally by a board of directors consisting of five people. Sessions are held three times a week at the Centre éducatif l'ENVOL school gym. There are five instructors engaged in the teaching programs for the members headed by Head Master Harry Cormier.

Ongoing training and teaching disciplines have continued with great success over the past 10 years. From its humble beginnings, its membership has grown from an initial membership of 17 members to a present day membership of 91.

This first tournament in Labrador City has been held with great enthusiasm and participation by everyone. In conjunction with the tournament, a referee seminar was held with Master Doug Robin from Nova Scotia facilitating this event with 21 local people participating in the process that saw both parents and athletes in attendance.

Grand Master Wayne Simon was also in attendance from Stephenville in a supporting role on behalf of the Chong Lee family.

Tae Kwon Do provides valuable lessons to the athletes that are over and above the mechanics and skills of the sport itself. The lessons that are provided will follow the athletes throughout their entire lives. These many valuable tools will help them all in the decisions they make moving forward in their lives that represent the necessary disciplines that lead to a fulfilling and productive lifestyle.

These athletes are taught the many lessons of respect, self-confidence, discipline, and anti-bullying initiatives. Basic life skills and the responsibility that goes with them are also a regular part of their lessons that reach well outside of the gym. Household chores, did you make your bed today, did you complete your homework correctly and on time, and how does your report card from school look? All great questions and great lessons of responsibility, passed on.

In the conversation with Master Cormier and one of the parents, it was clear that the lessons in the sport itself were very important but the bigger picture taught over the long haul was equally important.

The story of the Labrador City Tae Kwon Do and its many successes cannot be told without acknowledging the volunteers who have been unconditionally engaged over the last 10 years. The many individual folks who are always there for any initiative or task are instrumental in the ongoing successes of this group.

Local contributions from CRRS, who has provided the mats and the scoring system, and Labrador Rewinding, who has provided all of the metal required, are all invaluable gifts of support from the community, to the community.

Congratulations to this great local organization on your milestone. There is very little doubt that there will be many more.

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