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St. Anthony unveils new Hall of Fame plaques

The St. Anthony Recreation Department unveiled five new plaques, listing all of its Hall of Fame inductees.
The St. Anthony Recreation Department unveiled five new plaques, listing all of its Hall of Fame inductees. - Stephen Roberts

Plaques replace old sketches which were hung at the Olympia

ST. ANTHONY, NL. – The St. Anthony Recreation Department has unveiled its new Hall of Fame plaques.

The ceremony was held at the Polar Centre on April 5, with a number of Hall of Fame members in attendance.

The St. Anthony Recreation Hall of Fame honours “men and women who have contributed to the growth of recreation in the St. Anthony area.”

The plaques are replacing drawings of inductees that were hung at the old St. Anthony Olympia.

The recreation department had been working on getting the plaques over the past five years.

At the Olympia, a full wall was dedicated for sketches of Hall of Fame inductees.

However, the new Polar Centre’s common room, did not have sufficient space for the sketches.

St. Anthony Parks and Recreation director Scott Coish told the Northern Pen they decided to go with something different to accommodate the space. Some of the drawings also weren’t popular with some of the members.

The solution was five two-by-four-foot plaques. Each member has their own name plate, including the year they were inducted, the category they were inducted in and a small photo.

Two of the plaques are full, while a third has three members. The remaining two plaques are to be filled by future inductees.

Along with the 28 names already on the wall, the Hall will be able to put up an additional 30 name plates.

“It takes up less space and it’s still really nice and respectful to all the members,” said Coish.

The plaques were designed by SpeedPro Signs in Corner Brook.

Hall of Fame members attending the ceremony were impressed with the design.

Carl Milley, 1995 inductee in the builder category, called the plaques “very nice”. Willie P. Simms, 2012 inductee in the athletic and volunteer categories, was also impressed and complimented the extra space they provided compared to the sketches.

The old drawings were available for members or their families to take home with them if they wished.

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