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CENTRAL NEWFOUNDLAND: Dangerous storm set to strike on Sunday

A developing storm is expected to reach Newfoundland on Sunday, but this time, it’s all about location. The centre of the storm will tack across the Gulf of St. Lawrence and over the Northern Peninsula. The heaviest snow will fall on the western edge of the track with heavy rain to the south and east. We will be on the warm, windy and wet side of the low until late Tuesday. Rainfall totals will be in the 10 to 15 mm range, snowfall will be light – less than 5 cm but the wind will be strong – from the south with gusts to 90 km/h on Monday. As the low pulls away on Tuesday, the wind will come around to the NW and that will bring a drop in temperature and an icy mess. After a brief lull between systems, we can expect another rain/snow mix late on Thursday.

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